Super Bowl Frito-Lay Casa De Crunch

Production Designer

Produced by New Creatures

The Macallan Manor

Production Designer

Directed by Adam Aleksander
Co-Production Design by Blair Mielnik
Produced by Aleksander Presents and Macallan

Collaborating with Adam Aleksander Presents, we worked to devise a touring event that would  engage new clientele as well as seasoned scotch drinkers in the rich history and fine craftsmanship of Macallan. 

Our design included seven immersive environments leading the audience through a curated tasting complete with pairings and custom aromas. Guests journeyed though forests of North America and Spainwhere the wood for Macallan’s barrels originates, onward to their Cooperage and Dunnage, then toasted
to adventure  in a basecamp tent at the foothills of the Himalayas before continuing on to the final lounge.

The Macallan Manor toured nine cities across the U.S. Each room contained unique designs and
scenic elements including forests of live and custom fabricted oak trees, a fourty foot satin tent,
and a fourteen foot branded bandshell.  

Jingle Hell’s

Production Designer

Produced by Makeout

Tasked with creating an anti-holiday bar to mark the premiere of Syfy’s show Happy we took a local bar, removed all their furniture and decor, and re-decorated head to toe to create a world uniquely Happy.  Our design included a twisted Santa Land, ransacked livingroom,  as well as
a custom drop ceiling stuffed with  miles of garland and more than 30,000 orniments. 

We served 17,000+ guests and made more than 150 million media impressions.

TSUM 125th Anniversary

Scenic Design

Produced by Real Live LLC
Co-Scenic Design by Blair Mielnick

WB’s Get Animated Invasion

Immersive Consultant 

Production Design by Meredith Ries
Produced by Movement Strategy


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